Author: Andi Makmur Makka
Format: 13 x 20,5 cm
ISBN: 9786028672207
Total of pages: 355
Soft cover
Published: May 2011
Kode buku: XF-04
A Biography

Andi Makmur Makka, a senior journalist who has deep relationship with B.J. Habibie, tries to write ‘something new’ about our third President. He write down moment by moment of Habibie’s life in fragmens. Every moment has its own meaning. So, every word that he has wrote take us to know more to humanism of Habibie.

The title ‘Kecil Tapi Otak Semua’ was inspired from Jaya Suprana, an Indonesian cultural oberver. At Habibie’s honoring causa conferring ceremony, at the end of his speech, he told spontaneously: “Habibie is small, but he has a big brain. Meanwhile, i plump built but has no brain at all.” His closing speech made audience bubbling with laughter.

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